*is on vid-phone*
"Right, so, you've reached Claudia. I'm totally not around right now. Sucks to be you. If you don't know what to do with this beeping noise, then you probably have more problems than just not being able to reach me."

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En route back to the Warehouse, middle of nowhere, South Dakota, Saturday night
*is groaning*
"You know," Claudia groaned, slouching down in her seat. "I kind of figured I'd left the weirdness hangovers behind when I graduated high school."

Myka leaned over and put one hand on her forehead. "You are still a little warm."

"But not flaming. So, you know, I have that going for me."

Myka sighed. "You did fine, Claudia."

"My first real assignment as an agent --" Claudia raised a hand when Myka opened her mouth. "-- I know, apprentice agent -- and I almost get myself nuked by Viking spoon, and had to be rescued by a 19th century literary figure gone rogue."

Myka shrugged. "Which . . . is pretty much fine."

Claudia shot her a very suspicious look.

"It is," she insisted. "Almost getting killed is part of the job. A really terrible part, but part. You're going to make a great agent."

"Yeah, well. I guess this time I at least didn't end up craving human flesh."

"Wait, what?"

"Nothing. High school. You know how that goes."

Myka shook her head. "You know, the more you talk about it, the more I'm pretty sure that I really, really don't."

[ooc: lala, a coda for W13 2x7. Open for phone calls and the like on slow play, if anyone wants.]

An undisclosed location in the Pacific Northwest, most likely Oregon, Saturday
*is confident*
In which Claudia arrives in EurekaCollapse )

This was going to be the weirdest weekend ever.

[ooc: riffed from one of the early scenes of the Eureka episode "Crossing Over". No one ever said Eureka titles were subtle.]

Warehouse 13, South Dakota, Friday
*goes "omg!"*
In which Claudia tries to figure out relationships. And also, the Warehouse tries to kill her, again. But mostly, it's about relationships.Collapse )

Relationships sucked.

[ooc: vastly paraphrased from the episode "13.1". NFI, as Claudia's phone is 'sploded, but OOC is always welcome.]

A diner in Univille, South Dakota, Tuesday evening
*is frustrated*
To say that Claudia's last spring break wasn't going well so far would be a bit of an understatement. Artie had convinced her to skip out on Rio to be at the Warehouse for the computer upgrade, but had neglected to note that the upgrade wasn't happening until the end of the week. So why had they needed her back in town by Saturday?

To meddleCollapse )

Okay, maybe she'd give Todd another chance. What? It wasn't like she and Matt were a thing or anything, right?

[ooc: very much summarized from season two episode . . . five-ish? Since I'm still at work. Set up for Claudia's spectacular love-triangle-turned-quadrangle of doom, woo!]

Room 317, Monday afternoon
*is lazy*, *is bored*
For once, Claudia actually wasn't tinkering with something on the floor. Artie had her running searches for any pings on Ben Franklin's kite string -- she could have sworn that whole thing was a myth! -- so she was lounging on her bed while her handbuilt computer program trawled across the web for anything that screamed "two-hundred-year-old electrified twine".

Such was life as a Warehouse intern.

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Room 317, Saturday
*is bemused*
Claudia had pieces of a Roomba, an old alarm clock, three digital recorders, and a vintage sewing machine spread out on the floor of her side of the room.

What can you build with a Roomba, an old alarm clock, three digital recorders, and a vintage sewing machine?

She'll tell you just as soon as she finishes putting it together and finding out.

[expecting one, but also open]

Room 317, Friday afternoon
*is bemused*
Claudia was in a very good mood today. Her classes this semester were, like, the definition of easy (movies and construction? Yes, please!), Artie actually gave her the weekend off on doing inventory at the Warehouse, and she'd even gotten to spend much of last night meeting new people, eating quality Italian food, and making out with the hot new blind guy on his roommate's bed.

For revenge's sake, of course. Claudia didn't just make out with guys on their roommates' beds all willy-nilly.

So when she got back from Art of Scrap, today, she decided it was time for an impromptu one woman dance party. She put on some Talking Heads -- thanks to Scully, she was totally rocking the new wave vibe this week -- and rocked out.

Well, until she turned her ankle, tripped over nothing, and fell headlong to the floor.

"Ow," she grumbled into the carpet. Something green and scaly darted out from under her bed and her eyes went wide. "Oh no. Oh no no no no --" She tried to roll away, but wasn't fast enough. The gremlin bit her hard on the left hand, and Claudia's "no"s tapered off until she was staring dreamily at the ceiling.

"I think I want . . . meatballs," she decided, then pushed herself up to wobble off to the common room in search of cooking implements.

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Leena's Bed and Breakfast, South Dakota, Thursday
*is hugging yay!*
"You mean there's actually a whole section devoted to Christmas artifacts?" Joshua asked.

"The Aisle of Noel," Artie confirmed. "It's not as . . . joyous . . . as it might sound."

Claudia burst through the front door ahead of Myka, who'd driven her in from the airport. "Honey! I'm home! Joshua!"

Joshua was nearly all the way to his feet when Claudia smacked into him for her hug. "Woah. Okay," he said. "We won't skip Thanksgiving next year, I promise."

"She uh . . . had a rough time of it," Myka explained.

"We don't really get it," Pete offered.

"Some artifact," said Artie. "She refuses to be debriefed yet."

Claudia pulled back from the hug to give Artie a pointed look. "Hey, I've tried. You're the one who refuses to believe me about the Auditors and the Nothing eating the multiverse."

"That part I get," Artie said. "I'm just still not sure about the gnome."

"Whatever," Claudia said. "Where's my presents?"

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The edge of the remainder of the known universe, Friday night
*is looking up*
It was a little bit disturbing that the entirety of what Claudia knew still existed of the universe consisted of the school grounds. There was something deeply existential about it, and she was starting to get a little bit afraid to blink, for fear that the rest of the world would disappear entirely and she'd wake up in a mental institution back in Minneapolis or something.

She was also getting very curious about the force field and how it functioned to hold back the Nothing that surrounded them, however precariously. She knew going outside was dangerous as hell right now, but if she could figure it out, maybe she could at least jury rig something together to help shore the thing up. So there she was, several feet from the edge of everything, with a big bucket of miscellaneous objects, food-stuffs, and charge generators, throwing them at the force field and watching them disappear from existence.

She'd managed to determine conclusively that if you threw stuff at the force field, it disappeared. She was about to embark on a circuit of the thing to test for weak spots when she tripped over the slightly exposed root of an otherwise non-existent tree. She flailed for balance, one of her finger tips just barely grazing the force field.

Anyone else observing might note that if you threw Claudias at the force field, they disappeared, too.

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