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Claudia Donovan
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quick facts

"Warehouse 13, next generation."

Name: Claudia Donovan
Fandom: Warehouse 13

Leave a message: 555-BLJR

Occupation: Student. Genius.
Dorm: 317 with chief_cheerio
Age: 16
Class: Junior

"Would it have killed you to put a warning label on this thing?"
"Saying what? 'Only put on in case of stupid?'"

a little more info

"Claudia's like bamboo. You can bend her all you want, but she'll never break."

Claudia Donovan is your standard, ordinary, orphaned teenage super genius with a chip on her shoulder and a thing or two to prove. When she's not busy with that, though, she can be a little bit kooky.

You want something hacked? She's your girl. You want someone found? She can do that, too. You want a holograph projector made out of an early 20th century camera, a sun lamp, and reel-to-reel tape? Someone to fix up your semi-sentient, self-propelled vacuum cleaner? Whip up a laser mic to hear what the mysterious, autonomous reflection in your mirror has to say?

Well. Those are her specialties.

"Can you hack it?"
"Pope, Catholic, bear, woods. You know the drill."

keeping time

"I spent some serious time in the Belljar. I know who Sylvia Plath is."

Monday: How to Avoid Misadventure (Alistair/Morrigan)
Tuesday: free
Wednesday: free
Thursday: Talking Is A Free Action (Deadpool)
Friday: free

ooc and disclaiming

"Well, 'Serendipity' is my stripper name."

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email: bellatemple (at) gmail (dot) com
aim: notisaidduck

All part of the hilarious story I should really tell you when I'm back on planet Earth.

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